Care Services

For many people the question about assisted care doesn’t arise until there is a need. Family members and loved ones then have the very difficult and often very expensive decision to make between hiring full time care givers or placing their loved one in care facility…

Eldercare Home Services recognizes this difficulty and has created a solution offering affordable part time care coupled with good old fashioned service allowing our clients the unique opportunity to live full, interesting lives and still stay within the comfort, tranquility and safety of their own homes.

We understand that each individual person is unique and therefore has unique requirements. Our friendly, experienced assessors will assist you in establishing the care that you require, whilst respecting the manner in which you wish to be cared for.

Eldercare Home Services typically offer part-time home care services that involves one or more visits a day to assist with everyday tasks which can include:

– Help getting into / out of bed
– Meal preparation
– Personal hygiene
– Assistance with medication
– General household duties

However, our home care services can be expanded to longer duration visits, overnight help or live-in care should the need arise. Eldercare Home Services are also able to offer specialized care, not only for the elderly but also for people overcoming or living with physical disabilities or those in post-operation recovery.

“Old age is not a matter for sorrow. It is matter for thanks if we have left our work done behind us.”
~ Thomas Carlyle

Why Choose Eldercare Home Services?

Caring for your elderly / disabled loved one often comes with many challenges, both physical and of a more personal nature, and the pressures of daily life do not always allow for family members to dedicate the time and care services needed to ensure their loved ones are kept comfortable.

Eldercare Home Services offer an affordable option to allow your loved one to be cared for at home whilst alleviating many of the challenges faced by familial carers but still allow your loved one to remain in the comfort of their home environment.

Eldercare Home Services believe in providing a dignified, professional approach to personal care, thus reducing the risk of embarrassment to our client which can often be experienced by both parties when care services are provided by a family member.

Eldercare Home Services continually train and develop our staff to make sure that they are fully up to date on modern methods and techniques, ensuring our clients receive the best possible home based care services.

How Do I Get A Home Carer?

Please feel free to contact us for advice and if necessary our Assessor will come to your home for a free assessment of the unique home care services you require, during this assessment our assessor will discuss those little details which make the difference.

Once you are in agreement with the home care services offered, we will set up the care requirements. Your Carer/s will be introduced and trained to your unique requirements: Eldercare Home Services recognises that sometimes personalities clash and if you are unhappy with a particular Carer, for whatever reason, we will endeavour to find a Carer that meets your personal needs.

We supervise our carers by providing a 24 hour back up and support system and we maintain close, regular contact to ensure that our clients are well cared for at all times.

We have been in contact with several Medical Aids such as DISCOVERY HEALTH, FED HEALTH, MEDI HELP, BANKMED, and MOMENTUM who have assured us that they now pay for home carers for their clients. Each medical aid however, has a different policy so please contact your medical aid to find out how / what they will cover based on your policy.