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Our Story

In 2013, Sandra Sheppard was motivated to start Eldercare Home Services due to the dire need of home-based care for the elderly and frail community on the KZN south coast.

Sandra was resolute in her belief that with the right foundation and resources, the elderly should live their later years, with peace, security, and purpose, in the comfort of their own home. Sandra, having trained and worked as a caregiver in the United Kingdom, decided to establish a ‘Caregiver Training Centre’ offering conscientious carer training which is affordable. This has enabled students to improve their skills and support their families, whilst providing a much-needed service in the area. Since its establishment, Eldercare Home Services has trained students as far afield as Johannesburg, Underberg, Empangeni, Pietermaritzburg and Port Edward.

Eldercare Home Services soon began receiving numerous requests to assist the frail and those in need of home-based care. Working alongside family members, Eldercare has offered a solution to alleviate the complexities and frustrations associated with finding the right care. We are passionate about the provision of exceptional home-based care services, and this ethos resonates throughout our business and is at the heart of everything we do.

As a privately owned and operated Home-Based Care Agency, we add that extra special touch, to the services we provide, adding credence to our motto:

Holistic Approach to Care

At Eldercare our holistic approach to care means that the treatment plan revolves around the whole person, not just their physical diagnosis. Our dedicated ‘‘care management team’’ will take the time to understand the emotional and physical needs, of your loved one. We provide a holistic approach by considering all the aspects of a client’s well-being. We consider mental health issues, environmental factors, emotional support, social connections, spiritual well-being, as well as companionship, not just their physical ailments. The elderly can live healthier and happier lives when they receive wholesome care.

Eldercare Home Services - Holistic Care - Personalised Care Plans

Personalised Care Plan

Our ‘‘care management team’’ will develop and personalise a comprehensive ‘Care Plan’ according to your loved one’s unique needs and living conditions and directly oversee the carers, ensuring the ‘Care Plan’’ is followed accordingly. Our ‘Care Plans can include both short and long-term care options.

Eldercare Home Services - Holistic Care - Developing a Care Plan

Developing a ‘Care Plan’

  • Our ‘care management team’ will work with your specialist, doctors, nutritionists, nurses, and other healthcare providers to ensure that the recommended treatment and directives are included in the ‘Care Plan’.
  • This plan will include medication administration as prescribed, assistance with day-to-day activities, communication with healthcare professionals where necessary or appropriate, and addressing emotional and social needs.
  • Participation by the client and their family members adds important information to the process.
  • Our ‘Care Plan’ sets realistic goals and prioritizes tasks to provide effective and holistic care and emphasizes how the client must be cared for (what, when and how).
Eldercare Home Services - Holistic Care - Updating & Reviewing Care Plans

Review & Updating the ‘Care Plan’

We regularly review and update the ‘Care Plan’ as needs evolve. We remain proactive in monitoring the client’s condition and adjusting the ‘Care Plan’ accordingly. We seek input from healthcare professionals where warranted, involve the client in decision-making, and maintain open communication with the care team to ensure the best possible care.

Our Team

Sandra Ann Shepard

Managing Director

Sr Lena Visser


Tony Truter - Care Training Manager - Eldercare Home Services

Tony Truter

Training Manager

Eleanora Thando Khuzwayo

Admin Assistant

Petro Burger

Finance Officer