Petro Burger

(Finance Officer)

Petro joined the Eldercare team in 2016 after 3 separate interviews during which we knew she belonged with Eldercare each time – and it was one of the best decisions to employ someone we’ve made in a long time!

Petro works harder than anyone we’ve ever known – she sewed all the office uniforms for internal staff, helped decorate and organize the space and we know that no matter what job she takes on, Petro will make certain it’s done to the highest standard (and lots of noise!).

As Eldercare Finance Officer, Petro is meticulous in her work and has even created a filing system so superb that we have never had to ask twice for any piece of paperwork! Always pleasant and truly compassionate, Petro takes time to listen to everyone’s problems, is always helpful and a joy to work with.

Hopefully we will all be retiring at the same time, because we could not manage at Eldercare without her!